12 June 2018

SCG Trust wins at Global Stadium Business Awards

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust has won the global Stadium Business Venue Technology award for its state-of-the-art ‘Venue Operations Centre and Digital Upgrade’ at a gala ceremony in Manchester, England last night.

The Stadium Business Venue Technology award is presented to a stadium, arena or major sports venue that has delivered innovative and integrated technology to transform and improve the way it operates.

“The SCG Trust is delighted to be awarded the Venue Technology award for its Venue Operations Centre and Digital Upgrade,” said SCG Trust chief executive Jamie Barkley.

“The SCG Trust takes patron safety very seriously and our new Venue Operations Centre is an integral factor in our commitment to spectators, players and officials.

“It is pleasing to see the Trust recognised at the highly-respected venue industry awards, thereby strengthening its reputation as a world leader in venue management,” he added.

Opened in 2017, the Venue Operations Centre forms part of a wider $3.5m investment in security across the SCG and Allianz Stadium. The facility receives 24-hour monitoring and includes video analytics and facial recognition connected to 800 HD and UHD cameras.

It is occupied during events by decision-makers from security, catering, ticketing, cleaning and social media teams, as well as the likes of NSW Police, Traffic Management Centre and State Transit Authority.

The upgrade is the most sophisticated control centre across Australian sporting venues and is one of the best of its kind worldwide. The modern technology proved its worth at the first event it was in operation when two banned patrons were identified prior to entry.

To compliment the introduction of the Venue Operations Centre technology, the Trust also released a new website in late 2017, showcasing the precinct as a premier destination for sport and entertainment.

The excitement of attending events at the SCG and Allianz Stadium is enhanced when the website transforms on game day to a one-stop information hub which can easily be updated with ticket, transport, parking updates and social media feeds.

The Trust also partnered with Local Measure – a social media monitoring tool which can review feeds and posts to identify potential crowd disturbances or prohibited patron discussions.

This investment proved worthwhile when during the 2018 Ashes Test match, monitoring identified a fan post that he was willing to jump the fence and invade the state of play if he received 500 retweets. The Venue Operations Centre was alerted, and Police deployed to escort the offender and his guests from the SCG.

The innovative technology introduced by the Trust is a perfect example of how security, website and social media technology can be integrated to transform the way a venue operates and enhance the spectator experience.

The Stadium Business Awards recognise leadership, innovation and achievement in the delivery, operation and management of sports facilities globally.

The Trust has achieved success at the Stadium Business Awards on five previous occasions:

  • 2016 Venue Technology Award – Allianz Stadium interconnected solution (Superscreens, IPTV and app)
  • 2015 Sports Event of the Year – Major League Baseball Opening Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the LA Dodgers (2014)
  • 2015 Project of the Year – MA Noble, Don Bradman and Dally Messenger stand redevelopment
  • 2013 Sport Event of the Year – 100th Test match at the SCG (2012)
  • 2012 Team Player of the Year – Caron Lefever (staff)

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