29 March 2018

NSW Government commits to SFS rebuild

Following receipt of business cases from Infrastructure NSW, Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres confirmed today that Allianz Stadium will be replaced with a world class 40,000 to 45,000 seat facility from late 2018.
The NSW Government also announced that it will not proceed with knocking down ANZ Stadium and instead, will undertake a refurbishment of the existing facility into a rectangular stadium, which will bring 46,000 fans closer to the action.
“We are a Government that does its homework and listens to the public,” Ms Berejiklian said. “That comprehensive homework means we will be able to deliver two outstanding stadiums for Sydney at the best possible value for taxpayers.”
The NSW Government’s revised plans for these stadiums are anticipated to cost approximately $1.5 billion. The new SFS has received an allocation of $729 million. It is now the oldest top-tier rectangular stadium in Australia, with significant safety, compliance and patron safety issues, together with insufficient female toilets and inadequate provision for disability access. 

To address these issues, the NSW Government will rebuild Allianz Stadium into a world class rectangular stadium with substantially improved sightlines, a roof that covers all patrons, and significantly improved amenity, and food and beverage options. Work is expected to commence in late 2018, and be completed by March 2022. It is expected the new SFS will have a lifespan of 50 years.

Prepared by Infrastructure NSW, the report below summarises the Final Business Case for the proposed redevelopment. The Business Case considered three options for the redevelopment of the SFS, against a “do minimum” Base Case. The three options include (1) refurbishment of the existing stadium, (2) “new build” with 40,000 seats, and (3) “new build” with 45,000 seats.

In summary, the Business Case clearly demonstrates that rebuilding the SFS, with either 40,000 or 45,000 seats is a better option than refurbishing the existing venue. The unsustainable nature of the alternate to do only enough work to keep the stadium open, suggests that rebuilding is the only option.

Click here to see a summary of the business case.