29 April 2020

Mind, body, soul: Cheryl’s tips to find your best

Is there a better feeling than setting – and achieving – your goals?

Whether it be completing a simple at-home task or conquering one of life’s more complex challenges, we as humans thrive on the feeling of accomplishment.

But hitting our goals doesn’t ‘just’ happen. Setting out our intentions at the start of the day goes a long way to boosting a sense of satisfaction by the time the sun sets.

It’s easy to get started. A great tip for getting your day into motion is to write a to-do list. When we experience even a small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation. Discover your wants and needs – motivation and success go hand-in-hand.

Achieving our goals is made easier when our minds are sharp and focused. Meditation is great for the body and soul.

Start with five minutes of lying on your back or sitting with a straight spine. Focus on your breath. Breathe in for the count of four, then exhale for the count of four. You can increase this as time goes on. 

Apps such as Calm and Headspace are easy to use and are great tools for self-meditation. Meditation lowers the heart rate, reduces stress, enhances self-awareness, promotes emotional health, controls anxiety, lengthens attention span, reduces age-related memory loss, generates kindness and improves sleep.

Along with exercising our bodies, it’s also important to maintain a positive state of mental wellbeing.

Our thoughts and actions are closely related – the average person has more than 30,000 thoughts a day.

Train yourself to think positive thoughts. Be in the moment every second of the day. Enjoy the journey and look for the beauty around you. Be thankful for life’s joys.

At the end of the day, discuss gratefulness with your close ones and pinpoint what could you have done differently to improve your day. Aim to make those changes the following day and you’ll be a step closer to a healthy mind, body and soul.

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