29 November 2017

Fans from all over NSW attend SCG precinct

Trust members and sports fans who attend events at the SCG and Allianz Stadium come from all over the State as well as regional NSW according to recent market data.

Nielsen Sport surveyed its 10,000-strong Sponsorlink database, finding that similar numbers of people from Sydney’s west travel to the SCG precinct and Sydney Olympic Park – our city’s two major sporting hubs.

Recent face-to-face interviews, conducted by Neilsen, at fixtures at both venues earlier this year also confirmed that the majority of patrons agree that Allianz Stadium should be prioritised as part of the NSW Government’s stadia package.

In addition, 15 per cent of Trust members come from country areas and travel to the city for major events at the SCG precinct including Wallabies Tests and the annual New Year’s cricket Test.

A-League research

  • Fans surveyed include club members from both teams, members of the SCG, members of Allianz Stadium and those with no membership affiliation.
  • Research found that 88 per cent of all attendees at the Sydney FC-Wellington Phoenix match this year were in favour of supporting the construction of a new facility on the current Allianz Stadium site.
  • Of those surveyed, two in three respondents preferred for the Allianz Stadium development to be put first, with 86 per cent of fans agreeing that Sydney FC fans should have access to a world-class modern facility.
  • Given that the NSW Government will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on its health and education budgets over the next decade, 77 per cent of all attendees supported the outlay of $2bn to improve Sydney’s stadiums.

NRL, AFL finals research

  • Interviews with match attendees during the NRL and AFL finals series at the SCG and Allianz Stadium in September captured data from fans from all over the State.
  • Research found that the majority of fans used public transport to drive to the events, with just 26 per cent of attendees using car parking facilities near the venues.
  • Trust membership data shows that 15 percent of members reside in regional NSW and country areas and travel to the SCG and Allianz Stadium for major events.

Demographic research

  • Sydney Central is home to the largest number of rugby league fans in Sydney (363,656), more than Sydney West (326,232) and Sydney South West (251,525).
  • Further, Sydney Central is home to 47 per cent of rugby union’s fan base, 44 per cent of AFL’s fan base, 41 per cent of football’s fan base and 35 per cent of rugby league’s fan base – the highest tranche of fans across each sport.
  • The research, gathered in February 2016, is based on a nationally representative sample and in NSW, balanced by age, gender and postcode.

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