02 January 2019

Pink beer for a good cause

AWARD-winning Sydney brewer 4 Pines has produced a pink beer for Sydney’s New Year’s Test, with 50c from each pink beer sold at the Sydney Cricket Ground to be donated to the Pink Test.

Northern Beaches-based 4 Pines Brewing Company is a contracted beer supplier to the SCG. The brewer’s chief operating officer Matthew McInnes said the 4 Pines ‘All Out’ Pink Draught was created to show support for McGrath Breast Care Nurses and the cricket community.

“The New Year’s Test is the fundraising focal point for the entire cricket community in Sydney and
across Australia,” said Matthew McInnes, “pinking up and raising awareness for breast cancer is a
cause that the community rallies behind year after year. It’s an event not to be missed.

“The cricket community has always been a part of 4 Pines’ extended family. Sponsoring the Manly Warringah District Cricket Club and walking over to the Manly Oval to enjoy the game and support our local players is something we’ve done for a long time.

“So, if the community we love is showing up in pink - we’ll bring the pink beer.” The ‘All Out’ Pink Draught has been five months in the planning and will be served at multiple outlets around the SCG.

Mr McInnes describes the taste as, “a crisp refreshing lager, mid-strength but full of flavour.” But he stopped short when asked for the brewing secret.

“Without giving away all our brewing secrets, we came up with a very technical way to extract the pink from Kookaburra cricket balls and mixed that with the blush from a recent rainbow,” he said with a smile.

SCG Trust Chief Executive Officer, Kerrie Mather congratulated the 4 Pines Brewing Company on their commitment to create a pink brew for the New Year’s Test

“The SCG is delighted to partner with the McGrath Foundation once again for the Sydney Test, and we are proud that 4 Pines Brewing Company have thrown their support behind such a worthy cause,” Ms Mather said.

“Jane McGrath Day at the New Year’s Test is the highest profile example of what sport contributes to the broader society.

“This year, we celebrate the 11th year of Jane McGrath Day – a fundraising initiative that started in the SCG members reserve and has grown to take the attention of the cricketing world."