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SCG ticketing and seating

SCG ticketing and seating


Who are the authorised ticket sellers for this event?

Ticketek is the only authorised seller of general public tickets for all events held at the SCG. If you purchase tickets from websites such as Viagogo, eBay, Gumtree, scalpers, or any other unauthorised seller, you risk that these tickets are fake, void, or have previously been/will be cancelled.

How can I buy tickets?

General public tickets to all events at the SCG are sold through Ticketek, the only authorised seller for any SCG event. You can buy a ticket online via, over the phone on 132 849, or in person at Ticketek agencies. On major event days, Ticketek sell tickets (until sold out) from the SCG box offices, which generally open half an hour prior to public gates opening.

How do I purchase accessible seating?

Accessible ticketing enquiries should be directed to the Ticketek Special Needs hotline by calling 1300 665 915.

How can I sit in a private suite or host a function at an event at the SCG?

For premium hospitality at the SCG, contact us here.

Do children need a ticket for events?

Please check the relevant event for child age restrictions as they differ between sporting partners and events. However, if a child of any age will occupy a seat, a ticket must be
purchased. All children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult at all times when attending an event at the SCG.

How do I qualify for a concession ticket?

Concession entitlements vary between hirers of the SCG. Information about concession tickets will be provided at the point of sale by Ticketek. You must bring your concession ID to the SCG to show staff when scanning your ticket into the ground.

I chose Venue Collection for my ticket delivery. Where do I collect my tickets from?

If you chose venue collection as your ticket delivery option when purchasing, you can collect your tickets on the day of the event from the Ticketek box offices between Gates B and C at the SCG on Driver Avenue.

I have a mobile ticket. How do I scan my ticket at the venue?

For a quicker entry into the venue, please turn the brightness up on your phone and have your tickets pre-loaded and ready for scanning before you arrive. If your phone screen is cracked, please have your mobile tickets loaded on an alternative phone to scan. If your phone has run out of battery, please visit the box office.

Is parking or public transport included in the cost of my ticket?

Car parking is not included with your ticket. However, limited parking is available in the precinct and payment may be made via EFTPOS. Public transport to and from the event is included for some but not all events at the discretion of our sporting partners. Please be sure to check in advance and plan ahead.


What seat can I purchase a ticket for?

Each sport or event has its own specific seating arrangements on a match-by-match basis. Please consult the SCG Seating Plan for a general overview of the ground’s seating areas.

What will my view of the ground be like?

Visit our Find My Seat page for an indication of the view from your seat. However, please note that this is not an exact view from your individual seat and is only a representation of the view from a single seat in that bay.

How much of the event can I see if I purchase a restricted view ticket?

Each sport or event may have restricted view seats. However, most restricted view tickets allow for much of the playing surface to be seen, and you’ll be advised when purchasing your ticket if your seat has a restricted view.

Will my seat be located under cover?

No SCG seat can be guaranteed protection from the elements but the following table can be used as a guide.

Stand Under cover seats
Members Pavilion Concourse: N/A
Pavilion: All
Ladies Pavilion Concourse: N/A
Pavilion: All
Noble and Bradman Stands Level 1: Rows Y to EE
Level 2: All seats
Level 4: All seats
Dally Messenger Stand N/A
Bill O’Reilly Stand Concourse: N/A
Grandstand: Rows K to Z
Victor Trumper Stand Concourse: Rows Z to GG
Grandstand: Rows H to CC
Clive Churchill Stand Concourse: N/A
Grandstand: All seats
Brewongle Stand Concourse: N/A
Grandstand: All seats

Is there accessible seating at the SCG?

Yes, we have accessible seating available in every stand at the SCG. To book, call Ticketek’s accessible seating hotline on 1300 665 915. Wheelchair and carer seats will be charged the applicable price category of the bay it is position in.

Is there any non-alcohol seating at the SCG?

Designated no alcohol bays are available at the SCG and are selected by our sporting partners in consultation with the SCG. They do vary across events, so please check carefully when purchasing your tickets. SCG venue staff will monitor these bays and you can report any anti-social behaviour during the event by texting 0421 267 567.


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The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (Sydney Cricket Ground/Allianz Stadium) regards the safety and security of workers and spectators as our highest priority. We work closely with NSW Police to assess security and safety risks at all our events. As a result, minimum security requirements may change at short notice.  

To help us keep the stadium safe:

  • Take public transport.
  • Arrive early.
  • Don’t bring a bag. If bringing a bag is necessary, consider bringing a clear bag or a small bag with minimal compartments.
  • Report anything suspicious. If you see something, say something.

When attending our events, you will be subject to security screening at stadium entrances which may include:

  • An inspection of any bags you may be carrying. Note: you may be asked to remove items from your bag to assist the inspection process.
  • Screening using fixed and/or hand-held magnetometers.
  • Explosive residue testing.
  • Frisk searches.

When visiting our venue you will be monitored using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Your image may be stored as part of this process in accordance with out terms and conditions of entry.

Emergency management

Emergency management

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust operates an Emergency Management Plan that is compliant with AS3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in FacilitiesThe Emergency Management Plan has been developed in close consultation with the NSW Police and other relevant stakeholders to allow the Trust and its partners to respond effectively to a broad range of emergencies both inside our venues and in the surrounding areas.

You will receive instructions on what to do in an emergency upon your arrival on match day via the venue's Public Address System, video screens and IPTV screens.

In the event of an emergency on match day:

  • Venue staff and NSW Police will provide direction to patrons on how to respond to an emergency. Patrons may also receive messages on the venue's Public Address System, video screens, IPTV screens and notifications from the SCG and Allianz Stadium App
  • The Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium does not evacuate for all emergencies. In some cases it is safer to remain inside the venue. For this reason all patrons must ensure they follow the directions of venue staff and the NSW Police
  • If instructed, patrons may be required to leave the area they are in and walk to the nearest emergency exit by following the illuminated exit signage
  • Once you have exited the venue do not attempt to re-enter.

 Emergency management for persons with a disability

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust has specific procedures for protecting persons with a disability in an emergency. Persons with a disability (or their carers) should make themselves known to the Customer Service Staff member in their seating area upon entry to the venue. Customer Service Staff will be able to provide specific instructions for responding to an emergency in your area. Theses instructions may include information regarding:

  • The nearest accessible emergency exits
  • The location of refuge points for persons with impaired mobility
  • Audio and visual queues to indicate an emergency situation
  • Other requirements specific to the persons needs

For more information on the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust's Emergency Management Plan, please contact us.

Emergency alarm system

The Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium operate three audible tones which are intended to have different responses. It is important that you are familiar with the tones and what they mean. 




Conditions of entry

Conditions of entry

Sydney Cricket Ground

By entering the premises you agree to all terms and conditions below.

You are entering a licensed premises. In caring for safety of all workers, patrons and visitors the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (henceforth referred to as 'the Trust') reserves the right to refuse entry or evict:

  • Any person who is intoxicated
  • Any person deemed to be behaving in a disorderly manner
  • Any person that does not have a valid form of entry or who is unauthorised to
    be within the premises
  • Any person who refuses to submit to security screening upon entering the
    premises or inside the premises as directed by an officer of the Trust

Entry policies

NRL Conditions of entry

AFL Conditions of entry

Cricket Australia ticket and entry conditions 2016/17

Cricket Australia national refund policy 2016/17

Rugby Australia terms of admission

NSW Waratahs conditions of entry

FFA Terms of admission

FFA Spectator code of behaviour

Restricted / Prohibited items

Restricted / Prohibited items

Patrons are not permitted to bring the following items into the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium.

  • Alcoholic refreshments
  • Illicit drugs
  • Fireworks, flares or any other explosive device
  • Glass bottles, metal containers, aluminium cans or any other breakable containers
  • Offensive weapons such as knives, bladed weapons, laser pointers or firearms
  • Toy or imitation weapons
  • Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or bicycles
  • Automated vehicles such as segways, hoverboards or battery powered transportation devices other than electric wheelchairs
  • Dogs or other pets with the exception of guidance or assistance dogs
  • Large esky's (that cannot fit under a grandstand seat)
  • Any flag poles over 1.5 metres in length or flags/banners over 1 meter x 1 meter in size
  • Any flags or banners which contain text or images which the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust considers offensive, discriminatory or intimidating in nature
  • Cameras with detachable lenses larger than 200mm (accredited media excepted)
  • Video Cameras and equipment including tripods and sound equipment (Accredited media excepted)
  • Any item which, as deemed by the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust, can cause public nuisance or offence (musical instruments, whistles, horns and/or sirens) to any other patron in the premises

For your enjoyment

  • Patrons should be aware that sporting equipment such as footballs or cricket balls may be kicked, thrown or struck from the playing field into the seating areas at any time. The Trust is not responsible for any illness, injury or damages caused by balls being kicked, thrown or struck into the seating areas
  • Umbrellas are allowed into the SCG and Allianz Stadium but cannot be opened in the seating bowl 
  • Patrons choosing to leave valuables on the premises do so at their own risk. The Trust cannot be held responsible for any damages including but not limited to any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced personal items 
  • Patrons should note that children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times whilst inside the premises.

Security Mater License no. 407431355

General restrictions and conditions

General restrictions and conditions

In order to protect the safety of all persons, the Trust reserves the right to vary security screening requirements and prohibit any items at its discretion and without notice

  • All employees of the Trust and NSW Police are considered ‘officers of the Trust’ and are authorised to enforce the Trust’s By-Law, House Policy for the Service of Alcohol and the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Act 1978
  • Any patrons, staff or visitors who breach the By-Law, House Policy or Act may be evicted from the premises and receive an infringement notice/s
  • All persons' movements upon entering the premises will be subject to monitoring by security systems such as but not limited to Closed Circuit Television
  • For safety and security purposes, facial recognition technology in combination with CCTV may be in operation within this area. These technologies may film and/or photograph you to identify whether you pose a risk to the safety and security of the premises or are authorised to enter the premises. By entering the premises you agree to use of these technologies in accordance with the Trust Security Monitoring Policy

 The SCG and Allianz Stadium are NO SMOKING venues

  • Persons entering the playing area or other areas closed to the public without authorisation will be prosecuted
  • Persons entering the playing area or other areas closed to the public without authorisation will be prosecuted
  • The Trust will not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or theft to or from any person/s, vehicle and/or goods or equipment howsoever caused, and any consequential damages or loss, including economic loss arising from such loss, damage or theft.
  • Persons entering the premises are reminded to not leave personal items such as bags unattended. Unattended bags will be considered suspicious items until proven otherwise
  • Workers, patrons and visitors must respect all others and not engage in any conduct directed towards any player, match official or any other patron in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that person on the basis of that person’s race, colour, religion, sexuality, decent, nationality or ethnic background
  • Workers, patrons and visitors are not permitted to wear or otherwise display any unauthorised commercial (ambush marketing), political or other offensive logos or signage.
  • Unauthorised soliciting or surveying on Trust Grounds is not permitted
  • No alcohol can be taken from the SCG and/or Allianz Stadium
  • Vehicle entry to Trust grounds is by the express approval of Trust management and no other party
  • Vehicles which do not park in allocated parking spaces or impede access to or from the premises or safety related equipment may be subject to infringement and or towing without notice
  • By entering you agree to the terms of the Trust Privacy Policy provided in the link below

SCGT Privacy Policy

  • Additional event specific conditions of entry may be applicable and enforced at the direction of the venue hirer and/or sporting code/s for any given event.

For more information on Conditions of Entry please reference the copy featured above



Disability access

Disability access

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust continue to maintain the highest standards in disability access across the entire precinct.

There are numerous facilities available at both our sporting grounds and the surrounding public amenities ensuring all events are easily accessible and equally enjoyable for all of our patrons.

Public patrons, members and corporate guests can click on the appropriate link below for specific information about ticketing, seating and transport, as well as access into and around the grounds. Toilets, food outlets, bars and other facilities are also highlighted.

Disability facilities - Sydney Cricket Ground

Disability facilities - Allianz Stadium 

Our SCG tours of both grounds and the SCG Museum can be tailored to suit people with various disabilities. Please call our tour manager on 1300 724 737 to discuss your needs.

In order to continually improve disability access and facilities at our grounds the Trust has developed a Disability Inclusion Action Plan that is overseen by a committee of specialist staff and external advisers.
The committee welcomes public feedback and can be contacted by email at [email protected] 

SCG and Allianz Stadium APP and WI-FI

SCG and Allianz Stadium APP and WI-FI

The SCG and Allianz Stadium app is the essential game day companion. It brings you closer to your favourite teams and enhances your experience with exclusive content, offers, stats, and much more. Fans can also skip to queue using the built-in mobile food and beverage ordering, available at Allianz Stadium and in the MA Noble Stand at selected outlets.

Download App - Apple Download App - Android



      SCG and Allianz Stadium App     SCG and Allianz Stadium App   SCG and Allianz Stadium App


Allianz Stadium and SCG WI-FI

Complimentary wi-fi is offered throughout Allianz Stadium and in the SCG’s Noble Bradman Messenger stands. Search for ‘SCG & Allianz Stadium’ in your settings and follow the prompts.