The Stadium Club

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The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground is pleased to provide the following first-class interim facilities for gold and platinum members while Allianz Stadium and the Moore Park precinct undergoes its redevelopment.

Everything is in full swing and every detail is available in the sections below. 

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The Stadium Club

The Stadium Club

Existing access remains unchanged for Gold and Platinum Members with a larger and more modern fit out provided. Manager Leah Monks and her team of staff and trainers are on site and available to assist with any questions or concerns. 

Please note: The new Stadium Club is cashless.

The interim Stadium Club facilities include:

  • A gym floor, cardio section and stretching area
  • An expanded group fitness offering for members to enjoy
  • A separate cycle and outdoor functional training area
  • A group fitness studio to accommodate regular classes

Gym opening hours

Monday-Thursday (6am-10pm), Friday and Saturday (6am-7pm) Sunday (7am-7pm).

Public holidays: 7am-7pm (9.30am HIIT class/no creche).

Pre Exercise Questionnaire

After you sign up click here to download the questionnaire.

Stadium Club Class Index and Gym Timetable

View the Stadium Club gym Class Index and Gym Timetable here.

For all enquiries, please call (02) 9380 0102.

Meet our personal trainers

Meet our personal trainers

Craig Baker



Phone: 0404 186 535


  • Bachelor’s degree in sports sciences
  • Australian strength and conditioning Assoc. coach
  • Athletics Australia coach 


Fat loss and body shape, strength and conditioning for sport, post-natal.

My background

Former Great Britain representative in Decathlon. Began personal training in London in 2008 and arrived in Sydney in 2013. I can run jump and throw like a hero but after 6 years enjoying the outdoor lifestyle I still surf like a Pom!

Dan Thomas



Phone: 0413 514 145


  • Certificate Sports Psychology
  • Certificates 1,2 and 3 in Advanced Nutrition
  • Powerlifting Australia Ltd
  • Australian Weightlifting Federation Olympic Lifting Certificate
  • TRX Suspension Training Certificate
  • CrossFit level 1 certificate
  • Australian Institute of Kettle Bells Certificate in advanced Kettle Bells (2)
  • Australian Institute of Kettle Bells certificate in Battle Ropes
  • Australian Sports Commission licensed boxing coach
  • World Muay Thai Council official judge and referee
  • Bulldog Gym certificate in Muay Thai
  • Kyokyshin full contact karate 10th kyu
  • Punchfit GX Trainer Certificate, Kick Pad Instructor Certificate, Group X Trainer Certificate, Punch Pad Instructor Certificate
  • Fitness Institute Australia Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness


  • Sports specific coaching
  • Sports psychology
  • Nutritional advice
  • Advanced Olympic lifting
  • Athletic training (functional training)
  • Boxing/Thai boxing for competition or fitness
  • Weight gain/loss

Man with a plan

I have been playing sport from seven years of age and haven’t stopped.  Personally I have participated in some of the toughest sports, mentally and physically, and like sharing this knowledge. I am an easy-going, happy person and like to train people of all levels - All I ask is that you do your best and follow the plan we have devised for you.

Fabio Ghiani



Phone: 0404 521 517


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science 
  • Rehab Express  
  • Level 1 and 2 Wellness Coach
  • Diploma in Sport and Fitness
  • Certificate III and IV in Sport and Fitness


  • Ability to identify and assess limitation in body movements such has tight muscles, weak muscles, postural unbalances
  • Apply research findings to exercise management strategies
  • Conduct health assessment and risk analysis of activities
  • Apply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context
  • Provide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines
  • Deliver prescribed exercise to clients with cardio respiratory conditions, metabolic conditions, musculoskeletal conditions
  • Undertake health promotions activities to decrease risk factors and prevent chronic disease
  • Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery Instruct and monitor fitness programs
  • Advise on injury prevention and management
  • Conduct and manage health promotion campaign and projects

Moving toward a better you

My approach consists of gaining a holistic view of an individual’s prior injuries and vulnerabilities and incorporating this with my understanding of biomechanics (i.e. body movement) to deliver safe exercise sessions. My lived experience training and competing as a pole-vaulter at a national level with the support of gymnastics training allows me to create the best progression of exercises that each unique individual needs to enhance their range of motion, balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength – proponents of a healthy and strong body.

Kai Brookes



Phone: 0432 530 206

Instagram: Move.Smarter

Facebook: Move Smarter - Exercise and Lifestyle


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and have completed workshops for Weightlifting, Speed and Agility training and long-term programming for athletes. Over the years, I’ve also completed courses for boxing, TRX, kettlebells and PowerPlate.


My main focus is on injury prevention and correct movement - which usually go hand in hand. I use physical assessments to detect for muscle tightness and weakness and then go about correcting this, so that you can move without restriction.

I like to utilize exercises and methods from other areas, such as CrossFit, Athletics, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates and Bodybuilding.

London to Moore Park

I’m originally from England, growing up on the south coast and then moving to London for University. I started working as a personal trainer after graduating in 2011. During my time in London, I managed the strength and conditioning programme for an elite-level tennis academy for two years, which was a lot of fun.

Natalie Marnoch



Phone: 0411551511


  • Cert III and IV in person training
  • Accredited certificate of nutrition
  • Accredited wellness coach
  • Punch GX training / punch kick pad instructor / punch boxing fit instructor 
  • Master trainer course: Kettle bells level 1 and 2, power bags, battle ropes, training for older clients, functional mobility, suspended fitness, rehab training 
  • Qualified pregnancy instructor 


Every female has a different story to tell and a different requirement. Whether it’s a high pressure job, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, training for a wedding, eating disorders, bad relationship or just wanting to feel fit and strong, I adapt my training to the clients need with a strong focus on nutrition.

Live every day ladies

I am a Sydney girl with a passion for fitness and health and love helping women feel the best they can every day. Start the day with a smile and end the day knowing you have done the best you can. 

I put 100% into everything I do. I love watching women feel happy, fit, healthy, sexy and comfortable in their own skin.

Nicole Foley



Phone: 0414 935 345


  • Bachelor of Education (Humanities)
  • Certificate 3 Gym Instructor  
  • Certificate 4 Personal Trainer
  • Thump Boxing Level 1 and Advanced Instructor course
  • RPM (Indoor cycle) training
  • Fundamentals of Battle Ropes training course


  • Middle and long distance running
  • Triathlon – swim, cycle and running
  • Strength and cardio training for the whole family
  • Strength and stability for 40+ age group
  • Small group training for fitness and weight management

Family matters

I’m married and I am a mother of two boys. I love watching sport and my perfect morning consists of run/swim/breakfast. My favourite quote is “ the greatest wealth is health”.

Oscar Bradley



Phone: 0421 221 223


  • Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Fitness
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1 Coach
  • Swim Coaching


Helping the general population reach their highest level of fitness, swim coaching, endurance training, strength training, jump and sprint training while creating a fun workout environment)

Become a weird adult (in a good way)

As a kid my parents put me into every sport known to man and I was always that weird kid at school with the super healthy lunch in the brown paper bag ... Being healthy and active is all I’ve ever known. Let me be your guide and help you get into any sport you wish, get into great shape and become that weird adult at work with a healthy lunch.

Sarah Thornton



Phone: 0418 450 785


  • Studied Sports Science majoring in Coaching and Populations with Special Needs
  • Level IV fitness


  • General fitness for all ages
  • Weight management and eating plans
  • Group and one-on-one training
  • Boxing for fitness
  • 20-30min home exercise routines
  • Training for special populations: The elderly, pregnancy, over 45's, special needs, children/teenagers.
  • Swim coaching and swim fitness

Staying power

I’ve worked at the Stadium since we opened (31 years) and I’ve always been into exercise and fitness, doing many Biathlons, Triathlons and Half Marathons. I’m a caring, enjoyable person that puts others first. Youngest of 5 siblings raised by my amazing mother.

Scott Kennedy



Phone: 0422 544 334


  • Cert III and IV in Personal Training
  • Level 1 Clean Health Certification Program
  • International Union of Kettle Bell League (IUKL) Instructor - Level 2
  • Advanced Strength Trainer
  • Functional Training Institute Barbell Instructor, Mobility instructor, Kettlebells Instructor
  • Certified Bio-signature Practitioner
  • Titleist Performance trainer certification (golf) - September 2018


  • Weight-loss
  • Body building
  • Sports specific training
  • Core stability 
  • Base Olympic lifting
  • Boxing for fitness
  • Golf strength and conditioning

No weighting around

I have been a trainer for over 10 years and played Rugby Union for 15 years. Being an overweight child growing up was always challenging with bullying and health concerns.

During the Year 11/12 school holidays I decided to make a change. When I joined a gym, I wanted personal training. I went to the biggest trainer I could find and ask for his assistance.

He never showed up, so I decided to do it all myself. Lost 25kg in 6 weeks all by myself. That’s when I knew I wanted to help others.

My biggest passion after football has become Golf. I am addicted to the sport and am addicted to bettering myself as a player as well as clients wishing to pursue more out of their golf.

You may find me in the outdoor training area swinging a golf club or under the squat rack.

Wade Campbell



Phone: 0414 226 940


  • Cert III and IV in Personal Training
  • Advanced Strength Trainer
  • Functional Training institute Mobility Instructor
  • TRX trainer
  • L2 Functional Training institute Kettlebells Instructor
  • Level 1 Rugby Coach 
  • L1 RPM
  • L1 Battle Rope Trainer
  • L2 Punch Coach
  • Bulletproof course 


  • Pain free movement
  • Muscle development
  • Body-fat reduction 
  • High performance
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Core
  • Corporate training 
  • Sports specific training (rugby, sprinting)
  • Stability 

Sharing and caring

I am always positive, respectful, loyal and professional. My approach to training is innovative, evidence based and designed to meet individual goal. My mantra encourages safe productive, time efficient, sustainable workouts.​









Azure cafe

Azure cafe

Your favourite café has moved to the Entertainment Quarter, with George and Dennis serving up their trademark eats and coffee.

It is located directly across from the new Stadium Club facility and will continue to be a busy game day restaurant.

Swimming pool facilities

Swimming pool facilities

Pool facilities are located at several Sydney locations and members will be able to scan through the turnstiles at each of the venues. 

Please note that spa, sauna and steam facilities are only available at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre. The diverse aquatic offerings include:

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool

  • Located near Sydney’s Botanic Gardens, features an eight-lane 50-metre outdoor pool
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday (6am-8pm) | P: 9358 6686
  • Find out more at:

Cook and Phillip Park Pool

  • Located in Sydney’s CBD, features a 35-metre indoor hydrotherapy pool and swim programs
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (6am-10pm), Saturday-Sunday (7am-8pm) | P: 9326 0444
  • Find out more at:

Victoria Park Pool

  • Located in Camperdown, features an eight-lane 50-metre outdoor pool and our aqua timetable
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (6am-8pm), Saturday-Sunday: 7am-8pm | P: 9518 4800
  • Find out more at:

Prince Alfred Park Pool

  • Located in Surry Hills, features a nine-lane 50-metre pool and a shaded splash area for children
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday (6am–8pm) | P: 9319 2727
  • Find out more at:

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

  • Located in Ultimo, features an eight-lane 50-metre indoor pool and includes sauna, spa and steam facilities
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (6am-10pm), Saturday-Sunday (6am-8pm) | P: 9518 7220
  • Find out more at:

Drummoyne Swimming Centre

  • Located in the Inner West, features heated outdoor eight-lane salt water pool
  • Hours: Monday-Friday (5:30am-7:30pm), Saturday-Sunday (6am-6pm) | P: 9181 1530
  • Find out more at:

Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre

  • Located in Marrickville, features eight-lane indoor pool and a hydrotherapy section
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday (6am-9pm), Friday-Saturday, (6am-7pm) Sunday (9am-7pm) | P: 9565 1906
  • Find out more at:

Cabarita Swimming Centre

  • Located in Concord, features 3 heated saltwater swimming pools.
  • Hours: Monday-Friday(6am-7.30pm), Saturday and Sunday(6am-6.30pm) | P: 8757 3059
  • Find out more at:

Squash facilities

Squash facilities

Members can access squash facilities at the Bondi Waverley Squash Club, where you can book lessons and reserve courts as you normally would.

Squash users can arrange membership with the club or choose to book courts through the SCG team.

  • Squash hours: Monday-Sunday (6am-11pm), bar hours: Monday-Thursday (12pm-late), Friday (3pm-late), Saturday (12pm-7pm), Sunday (2.30-7pm)
  • Find out more at: Bondi Squash

Tennis facilities

Tennis facilities

Members can access Cooper Park Tennis Centre in Woollahra. There are eight courts at the facility and the Sydney Lawn Tennis Club has relocated there. Bookings can be organised directly through Cooper Park and members can scan their card upon arrival. 

Please note: Members need to use their card number and not their membership number to book for tennis.

This was the only way the Stadium Club could manage the process so that guest and club card holders can also make bookings, as the member number is not on the guest/club cards. The card number is located near the barcode on each membership card.

Lessons with coach Lisa O'Neill are available at Bondi Tennis Centre. For more information contact her on 0412 118 511

  • Hours: Monday-Friday (6am-10pm), Saturday (6am-7pm), Sunday (6am-7pm) | P: (02) 9389 3100
  • Find out more at:

Fusion Massage

Fusion Massage

Fusion Massage are located in Double Bay, the MLC Centre, the South Sydney Sports Medicine Clinic and the Byron Kennedy Hall around the corner from the Stadium Club gym. 

  • Hours: Monday-Friday (8am-7.30pm), Saturday (9am-5pm), Sunday (9am-4pm) | P: 1300 064 085
  • Find out more at: Fusion Massage

Child minding

Child minding

Our new child-minding facility

The new childcare facility is located next door to the Stadium Club in the Entertainment Quarter.

Opening times:  


  • 9am-10.30am
  • 10.30am-12pm
  • 12pm-1.30pm


  • 7am-8.30am
  • 8.30am-10am
  • 10am-11.30am

Download the child-minding enrolment form by clicking here.

Members may make bookings by calling the Stadium Club on (02) 9380 0102, in person at the club, or via the member portal online.

Car parking

Car parking

Members can access free parking for up to three hours in the Entertainment Quarter carpark during Stadium Club operational hours on event and non-event days. Tickets can be validated at the front desk of the gym or at Azure café.

Other facilities: On-street and paid parking are available at pool, tennis, squash and massage locations. The Trust are continuing to work with operators to explore other parking options.

Have a question?

Have a question?

For Stadium Club enquiries: Phone (02) 9380 0102 or email

For redevelopment enquiries: Email