21 March 2019

Statement regarding SMH report

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald today regarding compliance works at Allianz Stadium is misleading and incorrect. A formal correction will be sought for both print and online articles.
The report referred to in the article outlined $130m in capital works required. Of this amount, $105.8m comprised end of life replacement of assets predominately of a safety, security and compliance nature. 
Of the remaining assets with some residual useful life, a further $18 million would be required to be spent on safety, security and compliance. To isolate the $18m is misleading. The $18m referenced in the article accounts for replacement of electrical boards, emergency lighting, exit signage and fire detection systems only.
This total cost of $130m is only for basic compliance and does not consider improving the stadium for ingress and egress, disabled access, female spectator and player facilities, roof coverage nor meeting seismic code standards. It would have extended the life of the building for five years.
A full safety, security and compliance upgrade of Allianz Stadium was costed at $341m in the Infrastructure NSW Base Case in March 2018. This detail is publicly available.

The SCG was not contacted for comment prior to the story being published in the SMH.

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