22 December 2017

SCG Trust encourages fans to use clear bags

Fans attending cricket matches at the Sydney Cricket Ground this summer will be encouraged to carry personal items in clear bags to speed up entry at events.
SCG Trust Chief Executive Officer, Jamie Barkley says patrons using clear bags will be a new option in current security measures already in place at the SCG and Allianz Stadium.
"This is all about giving our patrons the option to speed up their entry to the venue," Mr Barkley said.
"People carrying clear bags or no bags will be processed faster in separate queues. Others who use traditional bags will be directed to a separate queue where they may be required to empty their contents for inspection.”

The SCG Trust is the first in Australian sports venues to encourage fans to use clear bags.

Trust Security Manager, Luke Schibeci said:  "We understand that some fans will feel a little apprehensive at putting their personal items into a clear bag. 

"The SCG Trust is not banning bags being brought to the venue, but we are encouraging fans to leave large bags at home and use a small clear bags to speed up the entry process.
“Fans can still bring a larger bag, but it must fit under their seat, and they will be required to present their bag for a thorough search, which will delay their entry.”
All bags are subject to the Trust’s 100 per cent bag check policy, including clear bags.
The Trust has designed its own SCG branded clear bag a replica of those used in the NFL, where traditional backpacks and larger bags are prohibited in all stadiums.

The SCG clear bag measures 30cm x 30cm and will retail for $10 at the Stadium Store in the forecourt of Allianz Stadium.

Patrons are still welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks (plastic bottles only). One clear bag/no bag lane will operate at Gates A, C and E. All other lanes and remaining gates will operate as per normal.


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