12 December 2018

A touch of elegance returns to the SCG

The SCG Trust has installed replica lamps to the rear stairways of the heritage-listed Ladies Pavilion.

When the Ladies Pavilion was completed in 1896, gas lamps were installed at the rear stairways to provide a grand entry for patrons. Gas made way for electricity and the lamps were removed.

“The replacement of the lamps is an important step in a wider commitment of celebrating our history by preserving it for future generations,” SCG General Manager Facilities Johnny Naofal said.

In June 2018, the Trust commissioned artisans, Heritage Metal Craft and Lighting to produce replica lamps to return the Ladies Pavilion staircases to their former glory.

“We were impressed with Heritage Metalcraft and Lighting’s ability to recreate the elegance of the original lamp design,” said Naofal.

“I had reviewed a number of projects by Heritage Metal craft and Lighting and knew their superb craftsmanship was perfect for this important task.

“Their ability to custom-create lights from original early drawings provided the ideal solution for period lighting design with a 21st century lighting performance.”

Brandon Perrett from Heritage Metal Craft and Lighting was excited at the opportunity to be able to reproduce the lamps.

The small Ballarat-based firm specialises in the development and manufacture of custom lighting and metal work, providing outstanding service, quality workmanship and client satisfaction.

“I am very pleased to be a part of maintaining the heritage of the SCG Ladies stand,” said Perrett.

Reproducing the design was difficult given the Trust’s heritage team had only two photographs featuring the original lights.

Mr Perrett studied the photographs and scale drawings of the pavilion. Using imperial measurements, he designed the lamps to within a quarter of an inch of what is believed to be their original size.

The lamps are made of brass components, featuring a polycarbonate sphere and light bulbs. While decorative initially, they will soon be connected to the SCG’s power supply and will light the staircases that provide entry to the Ladies Pavilion.

Mr Perrett drew on the experience of companies that have been in the industry between 50 and 100 years, including Outlaw Castings and James Coppell Lee brass foundry.

Ask him for his favourite part, and he will draw your attention to a tiny feature.

“My favourite part is the little handles on the doors,” he said, “they are made from solid brass rod, machined in the lathe, and then heated with a flame to get just the right bend. They are a nice ornamental fitting but serve a real purpose.”

“It is nice to know these lamps will be here for a very long time,” he added.


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