Get ready for Sydney's Stadium Stomp

Australia’s ultimate stair climb, the Stadium Stomp, returns to the SCG and Allianz Stadium on Sunday 1 July.

The 2018 event will introduce two new Stomp categories - the Short Course and Junior Stomp - both offering a taste of Stadium Stomp over condensed courses.

If you’re looking for something different for your next fitness challenge, something other than a fun run or bruising obstacle race, look no further than Stadium Stomp SCG.

Climb your way up, down and around the bays of Sydney’s great sporting stadiums in this 6300 or 4000-stair challenge. Juniors aged 5-11 years will stomp a 600-stair course with an accompanying adult in our 11.15am wave.

There will be rest stops (pick a seat!), drink stations and pumping music playing to keep you focused and energised. Plus, you’ll finish with a lap of the ground and receive a shiny medallion to prove you made it.

“Stadium Stomp is a unique fitness challenge. Whether completing the full or short course, our stompers get a tough cardio and strength workout which finishes with a lap of the SCG, while having an awesome morning with their friends, family and fellow stompers,’’ event organizer Ben King said.

"Plus, they can make a real difference by choosing to fundraise as part of the event.”

Stadium Stomp supports official charity partner the Leukemia Foundation and participants are encouraged to make every step count and fundraise for this amazing charity, or alternatively a cause close to their heart.

Stadium Stomp is an Australian concept, owned and operated by an Australian family business. There’s nothing else like it out there on the world stage.

Get ready Sydney!

How Stadium Stomp works

How Stadium Stomp works

Participants will climb up, down and around the bays of the SCG and Alianz Stadium on a course set to music that is expected to take anywhere from 40-70 minutes to complete depending on fitness levels.

Short Course and Junior Stomp participants will cover the SCG only. Staggered start or wave times begin from 8am to 11.15am to ensure the stairs don’t become congested.

Anyone 12 years and older can enter as a team or individual and participants can choose their preferred start time when registering. Junior Stomp participants (ages 5-12 years) will set off in the 11.15pm wave with their accompanying adults.

Spectators can view the event free of charge via the designated spectator viewing area accessible via Gate A.

In this way family and friends can watch and support the participants as they stomp around the SCG grandstands.

Why do the 'Stomp'

Why do the 'Stomp'

There aren’t many people in Sydney who haven’t been to the SCG to watch a game and cheer from the stands.

Now, New South Welshmen can experience the SCG in a unique way and become an active participant rather than the traditional spectator.

If you need a fitness reason, stair climbing is an excellent way to build cardiorespiratory endurance and lower-body muscular endurance and strength.

Climbing a flight of stairs (ten steps) is the equivalent calorie burn of taking 38 steps on level ground, so it’s almost four times as beneficial to take the stairs.

What does it cost

What does it cost

Full Course Category: $64.95 ($54.95 early bird)

Short Course Category: $49.95 ($39.95 early bird)

Stomp Unlimited Category: $159.95 ($129.95 early bird)

Junior Stomp Category (5-11 years): $29.95 ($24.95 early bird)

Junior Stomp Category (Accompanying adult, 18+): $39.95 ($29.95 early bird)

* Early bird prices are available until May 20.

How to register

How to register

Register online at and nominate your preferred charity to fundraise for (optional) at the same time.

All entrants will receive a 5-week Stomp training program, Stadium Stomp SCG Medallion, access to Stadium Stomp exhibitor stands, free post-event massage service, plus the pride in having finished an epic stair climb at one of Australia’s most iconic sporting stadium precinct’s.