Belief in the black and gold


Belief in the black and gold

The Sydney Cricket Club, formerly known as the UTS-Balmain Cricket Club joined with the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust in 2007/08 to form the SCC partnership.

The Club plays under the NSW Premier Cricket Competition and was founded along similar lines to the Marylebone (UK) and Melbourne Cricket Clubs.

The SCC aims to provide cricketers, coaches and administrators with:

  • A foundation on which to attain NSW and Australian selection
  • An opportunity to play the game for its sheer enjoyment 
  • The opportunity to contribute to the development of the game both domestically and internationally

The club’s home is Drummoyne Oval and has been since 1946. It has hosted the most famous Balmain representatives Archie Jackson and Arthur Mailey, as well as a star-studded list of international and state players within the Tiger ranks.

The venture is now in the form of Sydney Cricket Club and the tradition continues. The famous Black and Gold colours and the Tiger logo have been synonymous with the district for many years and they remain part of the clubs new identity.

Nicholas Govers

General Manager, Sydney Cricket Club



SCG Membership


Membership to the SCG XI is open to all Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust Members and Sydney Cricket Club Members.

The SCG XI provides members with opportunities to play against international touring sides and other local cricket teams alongside former First Class and international cricketers, on the best grounds in Sydney including the Sydney Cricket Ground and Drummoyne Oval.

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