The Sydney Cricket Ground unveiled a new mascot today. Now all it needs is a name.

The mascot is modelled on the clocktower of the SCG’s Members Pavilion.

The SCG mascot joins home team mascots Rocky (Sydney Roosters), Cyggy (Sydney Swans), Syd Sixer (Sydney Sixers), Sky and Blue (Sydney FC), and Tah Man (NSW Waratahs).

SCG Chief Executive Officer Kerrie Mather said the mascot had been in development for almost a year.

“The SCG was established for the people of NSW over 160 years ago, so we are inviting the people of NSW to name our mascot,” said Ms Mather.

“We hope our new mascot will create a connection to a wider audience and you’ll see it as our face on our digital and social media channels.”

The name which the judges agree best suits the mascot and reflects the SCG’s rich history will be determined the winner.

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