SFS Redevelopment

A futuristic stadium

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust is excited to take the first steps forward in a
comprehensive action plan for the rebuild of the Sydney Football Stadium (SFS).

The NSW Government is redeveloping the SFS into a modern, world class venue, to ensure Sydney has a sporting and entertainment precinct of international standard and that NSW remains the number one choice for sporting and entertainment events in Australia.

The project will build on the legacy of the Sydney Sports Ground (1899) and the original SFS, opened as a Bicentennial Project in 1988.

The SFS is now the oldest top-tier rectangular stadium in Australia, with significant safety,
compliance and patron safety issues, together with insufficient female toilets and inadequate provision for disability access. 

To address these issues, the NSW Government will rebuild the venue into a 40,000 to 45,000 seat rectangular stadium with substantially improved sightlines, a roof that covers all patrons, with vastly improved amenities, food and beverage options and accessibility.

Work is expected to commence in late 2018 and be completed by early 2022. Infrastructure NSW has commenced its public consultation and you can visit the project website to find out more: https://yoursay.sfsredevelopment.insw.com 


What to expect

What to expect

  • The Sydney sporting public will have a new entertainment icon on the doorstep of the CBD, one that is easier to get and easier to get home from.
  • New public transport initiatives including the CBD and South East Light Rail line (operating in 2019) will offer fans easy delivery to and from the precinct.
  • The SFS redevelopment will celebrate the cultural heritage and the historical surrounds that have made the SCG precinct a pilgrimage for sporting fans, officials and athletes since the 1850s.
  • State-of-the-art facilities will position the SFS as a global leader in game-day experiences for all patrons and future proof the precinct, delivering Sydney’s sporting public the best in field facilities.
  • One of the SCG precinct’s great features is that it is situated in a unique parkland environment – a key goal of the SFS will be to bring the parkland into the precinct by providing a soft, green edge to the stadium.

Benefits of the SFS

Benefits of the SFS

Exceptional spectator facilities that will improve the match day experience for all patrons who come to enjoy our events.  

World-renowned sporting events, high level corporate sponsorship, a massive injection of tourism dollars, a surrounding local business boom and of course more jobs.

Infrastructure NSW has summarised the Final Business Case for the development of the SFS at Moore Park.

The Business Case considered three options for the redevelopment of the SFS, against a "do minimum” Base Case. The three options include (1) refurbishment of the existing stadium, (2) “new build” with 40,000 seats, and (3) “new build” with 45,000 seats.

In summary, the Business Case clearly demonstrates that rebuilding the SFS, with either 40,000 or 45,000 seats is a better option than refurbishing the existing venue. The quantifiable economic benefits of a new stadium fall slightly short of the economic costs.

However, the unsustainable nature of the alternative to do only enough work to keep the stadium open, suggests that rebuilding is an acceptable option. Click here to view it in full.

The planning process

The planning process

The Trust is inviting fans and local residents to join the process and ensure that Sydney gets the stadium, sporting innovation, entertainment and parkland facilities the city needs.

Infrastructure NSW is refining a concept design, seeking relevant planning approvals, and overseeing the procurement and delivery of the redevelopment.

The project will be assessed as a State Significant Development under the Environment Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Approval will be sought in two stages:

  • The Stage One development application will seek approval for the demolition of the existing stadium, and approval of a concept design for the new stadium and surrounding retail and function uses.

  • The Stage Two development application will seek approval for the detailed design, construction and operation of the new stadium. 

For Trust Members

For Trust Members

Will I have a say in new SFS member facilities?

Members will have ample opportunity to provide input into the new stadium, just as they did with the Noble Bradman Messenger Stand development.

The Members Advisory Group will have a key role in defining what the design and operational layout of facilities will look like, but all members will get the chance to have their say on the project.

What will happen to the Stadium Club, services and surrounding facilities?

The pool, gym, tennis and squash courts, spa, sauna and crèche will be impacted. In the immediate future, access for Gold and Platinum members and their guests remains unchanged.

The Trust is finalising plans for the relocation of Stadium Club facilities and services during construction.

Where will the Roosters, Waratahs, Sydney FC and other matches be played?

The Trust is working with the Sydney Roosters, NSW Waratahs, Sydney FC and other sports partners to provide alternative venues during construction.

Some matches will be relocated to the SCG and other Sydney, regional or interstate venues. Reciprocal rights for Trust members will be sought for any matches that move away from the precinct.

Will I still have to pay subscription fees?

Yes, annual subscriptions will apply but various options for members are currently being finalised. The premium schedule of events will be similar to previous years for Gold and Platinum members.

SCG rights holders will continue to have access to their regular AFL and cricket event schedule at the ground. Options for members during the duration of the build will be communicated in time.

Have your say

Have your say

Infrastructure NSW is committed to extensive community engagement throughout the planning process, and is currently seeking feedback to inform the Environmental Impact Statement to support both stages of the development application.

To register your interest in upcoming engagement events and for further information:

Visit: https://yoursay.sfsredevelopment.insw.com/
Public email: sfsredevelopment@infrastructure.nsw.gov.au
Public phone: 1800 931 109
Members email: sfsdevelopment@scgt.nsw.gov.au
Members phone: 1800 801 155