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The Stadium Club runs more than 60 group exercise classes a week.

Join in, enjoy the variety and leave all the preparation to our motivating group instructors. Our classes are suited to all fitness levels and interests.

Classes are FREE, except for Yoga and Pilates, where the following charges apply:

  • $12 per class
  • $100 for 10 visit pass
  • $160 for 20 visit pass
Stadium Club bikes no members landscape.jpg

Group fitness timetable

Group fitness timetable

The UTS Stadium Club Group Fitness Classes operates under a Red Light System to highlight class attendance and give the members the opportunity to keep the classes they enjoy.

Classes with strong attendance will remain in their current time slot whilst the classes with poor attendance will be flagged to encourage members to increase participation before the class is removed or changed.

  • RED DOT: 0 - 29%

This class is subject to change within 12 weeks or will be removed from the timetable.  For this class to stay, an increase in numbers must occur.

Current Timetable:

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Which Instructor is taking my class? Find out here

Please use this list as a guide only, Instructors are subject to change without notice.
For further information please contact groupexercise@scgt.nsw.gov.au


6:15am Velocity Michael
7:30am HIIT30 Cory
8:30am Pilates Cheryl
9:30am Pilates Deanne
10:30am Body Sculpt Avril
10:30am Aqua Robert
11:30am RPM Hendro
12:30pm Boxing Alvaro
17:00pm Rapid Core Daisy
17:40pm HIIT45 Nathan
18:30pm Body Pump Hendro
19:30pm Yoga Cherry


6:15am Boxing Dan
7:30am Fitbones Nicole
9:30am HIIT55 Sarah
10:30am Body Pump Hendro
11:30am Body Balance Tatjana
12:30pm RPM Nicole
17:00pm Abs, Butt & Thighs James
17:40pm RPM Michael
18:30pm Boxing Kajsa
19:30pm Pilates Cheryl


6:15am Cross Training Dan
7:30am HIIT30 Georgia
8:30am Pilates Deanne
9:30am Boxing Alvaro
10:30am Aqua Janet
10:30am Zumba Tatjana
11:30am Velocity Cheryl
12:30pm Yoga Sheraz
17:00pm Rapid Core Nathan
17:40pm HIIT45 Oscar
18:30pm Pilates Yana


6:15am Boxing Alvaro
7:30am Fitbones Vijay
9:30am Yoga Sheraz
9:30am Run Club Nicole
10:30am Fitball Cheryl
11:30am HIIT45 Georgia
12:30pm Velocity Hendro
17:00pm Abs, Butts & Thighs Nathan
17:40pm Velocity Cory
18:30pm Body Pump Melanie


6:15am RPM Michael
7:30am Pilates Anita
8:30am HIIT55 Cory
9:30am Step Jorge
10:30am Aqua Robert
10:30am Body Pump Tara
11:30am Yoga Lisa
12:30pm Boxing Dan
17:00pm Rapid Core Vijay
17:40pm HIIT45 Vijay


6:30am Velocity Michael
6:30am Run Club Nicole
7:25am RPM Yana
8:00am Aqua Trish/Janet
8:30am Pilates Yvette
9:30am Boxing Dan
10:30am Yoga Anita
11:45am Body Pump Aldwin


7:25am HIIT Josh
8:30am Body Pump Ian
9:30am Yoga Anita


Class descriptions

Class descriptions


HIIT 30/45/55 A class designed for those seeking to challenge both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning systems to the limit. Not for the faint hearted. 30/45/55 minutes

BODY SCULPT Low impact aerobics with handweights, followed by total body conditioning before finishing with a relaxing stretch. 55 minutes

BODY PUMP A rapid fat-burning class that uses barbells to tone and condition muscles, providing the fastest body fat loss of any fitness class. 55 minutes

RAPID CORE 30 This new, fun and creative workout focuses on developing your core stability and strength using functional equipment to challenge your core in ways it’s never been worked before! 30 minutes

CROSS TRAINING A high intensity, functional movement class which is constantly varied to suit those who want to push themselves to the limit. 55 minutes


PILATES A series of controlled and fluid movements aimed at stretching and strengthening postural muscles. Pilates promotes core stability for a stronger injury proof physique. 55 minutes

YOGA An ancient mind body practice which consists of a series of posture, stretching and breathing techniques. This class promotes strength, flexibility and a sense of well being. 55 minutes

FITBALL The unstable base provided by fitball works all postural muscles and stabilisers to better promote core strength, flexibility, healthy posture and balance. 55 minutes

BODY BALANCE A Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centred and calm. 55 minutes


AQUA Aqua provides a whole body conditioning and cardiovascular workout, using noodles and dumbbells in the pool. 45 minutes

RPM An indoor cycling workout with music taking you on a gruelling journey through flats, hills, speed racing and intervals, covering an average of 25kms. 45 minutes

RUN CLUB We welcome a diversity of Members’ interests, age and ability. The common thread is that you enjoy running. 60 minutes

VELOCITY Challenge your cardio system with this non impact indoor cycling program to music. Beginners to elite athletes can work at their own pace. 45 minutes

ZUMBA The Zumba program is an effective exhilarating, Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party. 55 minutes

STEP Sweating to the beat of the latest dance music, in this fun-filled class which promises to be a great cardiovascular challenge. 55 minutes

BOXING This specialised boxing class, will have you working your upper body to the point of exhaustion. You will also be taught the correct boxing techniques with specialised boxing coaches. 55 minutes

FITBONES A low impact gentle conditioning cardio workout using a variety of fitness equipment. 45 minutes

Run club

Run club

Join our Run Club today and be motivated to run your best

  • Fitness
  • Social
  • Competition

The new Run Club can help with professional training and support from like-minded friends. We welcome a diversity of member’s interests, age and ability. The common thread is that you enjoy running.


Monday 18:00pm
Thursday  9:30am
Saturday 6:30am

Meeting spot

Venue Services Office 

Introductory pack

1 Session $10.00
10 Session pack $60.00

Additional session times to be confirmed. 

Tickets and session packs can be purchased at Venue Services.

Personal training

Personal training

The UTS Stadium Club personal training team are the best in the business, specialising in all areas of fitness including weight loss, core and strength training, rehabilitation, sports training, pre and post-natal pregnancy and more.

No matter what your goals or needs our team are here to help.

Why get a personal trainer?

  • Keeps you motivated
  • Helps you achieve faster and better results
  • Improves your technique
  • Educates you to create a healthier lifestyle

Find a personal trainer who suits you by checking out our profile board on the website or within the gym, or ask to speak with the Personal Training Coordinator.


Single session 30 minutes $50.00
  60 minutes $85.00
  Plus partner (60 minutes) $100.00
10 Session pass (Valid 12 months) 30 minutes $450.00
  60 minutes $765.00
  Plus partner (60 minutes) $900.00
20 Session pass  30 minutes $850.00
  60 minutes $1445.00
  Plus partner (60 minutes) $1700.00

Group personal training

Group personal training

Keeping up with a workout schedule on your own can be difficult.  What better way to train than with your friends and with one of our elite personal trainers to help keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals.

Why do a group personal training session?

  • Makes training fun and effective
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Creates a competitive edge
  • Achieves faster and better results


$40 per person for one hour (3 - 6 people).

Cancellation policy

If you are unable to make a session or need to reschedule, please advise your personal trainer at least 24 hours in advance.  If less than 12 hours notice is given, you will be charged for the session. Consideration is given for extraneous circumstances. If we have to alter the time of your training session, we will attempt to give you at least 12 hours notice.


Ph 9380 0102
Enquiries at the main gym desk


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