Disability Action Plan

With more than one million people in New South Wales having a long-term disability that restricts their everyday activities, the Trust seeks to ensure that all people are able to participate in activities at the Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium with dignity and equity.

The Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust Disability Action Plan has been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements set out in Section 9 of the Disability Services Act 1993, and reflects NSW Government guidelines specifying five universal outcome areas for all government agencies.

They are:

Identifying and removing barriers to services for people with a disability.

Providing information in a range of formats that are accessible to people with a disability.

Making buildings and facilities physically accessible to people with a disability.

Assisting people with a disability to participate in public consultations and to apply for, and participate in, government advisory boards and committees.

Increasing employment participation of people with a disability in the NSW public sector.

The Trust is strongly committed to achieving tangible results in the five outcome areas to meet the needs of people with a disability in relation to the services it provides to Members and the general community and its responsibilities as an employer.

The plan builds on the Trust’s previous work in this area and accords with the Trust’s vision to celebrate sport, create history, enhance entertainment and share the experience and our priority of providing a comfort, dignity and safety for all visitors to Trust venues.

The plan reflects and reinforces the Trust’s values of heritage; integrity; relationships; passion; and diversity. It also builds on and reinforces the Trust’s demonstrated commitment to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and to ensure that all human resources management practices accommodate the needs of people with a disability.

The plan is overseen and continually developed by a committee of specialist staff and external advisers. The committee welcomes public feedback and can be contacted by email at [email protected].

Disability Action Plan