Charity and Community Assistance Policy

The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust receive numerous requests each year from organisations seeking support for worthy causes. The Trust is a not-for-profit organisation which limits the amount of support we are able to offer.

We do however understand the challenges facing fundraisers and have a Charity Policy to accommodate the high volume of requests in a way that we believe is fair and manageable.

This policy aims to create consistency in the administration of charity requests across the organisation in a manner that supports the positive positioning of the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust in the broader community without devaluing the brand or misrepresenting the Trust as an organisation with unlimited resources.

Selection criteria

The Trust may agree to provide assistance to Charitable and other not-for profit organisations on a case by case basis according to the following criteria.

  • Bi-partisan (non political)
  • Not raising money for religious purposes, however they may be a religious organisation e.g. St Vincent de Paul
  • Not involved in any controversial activities or likely to expose the Trust to criticism
  • An incorporated association under the relevant State or Territory Association Incorporation Act and/OR a registered charity

Further consideration based on:

  • A demonstrated history of outstanding charity work
  • Alignment of activities with the objectives of the Trust
  • An affiliation with the Trust, eg a major stakeholder or sport/business partner

The level of support provided will be in accordance with the business of the organisation requesting support, the intended purpose of the funds raised and the organisations ability to capitalise on what we can offer.

At all times the level and amount of support available will be contingent on the Trust's total social and philanthropic commitments not compromising the achievement of its financial targets.

All requests for support should be directed in writing to the Administration Assistant, and must address the criteria in the Trust's Charity Donations and Community Assistance request form.

Charity request form